ZEISS Seacam 5 and 7 trail cams

Zeiss Secacams 5 and 7

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Anybody with an interest in birdwatching or wildlife-watching more generally knows that sometimes, a trail camera is essential if you’re to be able to view a species fully.

Many birds and animals simply behave more naturally when you’re not there, and some won’t even show themselves if you’re present.

ZEISS’S new range of trail cams – the Secacams 5 and 7 – can ensure that you don’t miss anything of importance, thanks to a combination of superb image quality, and connection to the ZEISS Secacam app, which alerts you to activity, and can even identify the animals that it sees using Artificial Intelligence.

Whether you’re a garden wildlife enthusiast who wants to know more about what’s going on in the natural world just outside your back door, or a professional ecologist who needs to closely monitor specific sites and species, the two models have everything you need.

Quick set-up

Both models are ready to use in just a few minutes – the SD card, batteries and sim card all come pre-installed, so it’s simply a case of switching on, and seeing what wildlife the camera captures. The camera can be mounted to its location using a strap (included), cable lock, or tripod thread, and both models are easy to operate even for beginners – their intelligent default settings are already perfect for most applications. If you do want to change something, there’s a large colour display and the backlit keys make it easy.

Superb image quality

The ZEISS Secacam range boasts best-in-class image quality both during the day, and at night (when a lot of the most interesting activity takes place). Sensor resolution is 5MP, and resolution of transmitted photos is 1920 × 1440 px.

A highly sensitive motion sensor precisely detects movements, with a fast triggering time (< 0.35 - 0.45 seconds) meaning minimal motion blur. During triggering, the camera automatically adjusts the strength of the flash, which is invisible to animals and humans, to prevent incorrect exposures and minimize energy consumption.

Easy maintenance

Battery life is lengthened by the use of low-power data processing, and when the batteries do run out, a battery magazine in the Secacam 7 means they can be replaced quickly and easily. The cameras are built to withstand the toughest weather conditions, with a high-precision seal protecting them from water, including torrential rain and hail. Extreme heat and snowfall pose no problems, either.

Share your sightings

The Secacam cameras are easy to stay in touch with at all times, so you never need miss an important sighting, and it’s also easy to share what you see with friends. They have a reliable connection to the Secacam app, and there’s extensive network coverage with a roaming sim card, so you can control the camera remotely, get alerts when the camera is triggered, download images easily, and even let your friends share them free of charge. There are a number of service packages to go with the camera that can be cancelled, no strings attached, on a monthly basis.

So, whether you’re just hoping to see more of some particularly timid, shy, or hard to find birds or animals, or planning on closely monitoring them for scientific data, the Secacam range has exactly what you need.

Zeiss Secacams 5 and 7

For further information go to: https://www.zeiss.co.uk/consumer-products/nature-observation/content/trail-cameras.html?utm_source=birdwatching&utm_medium=branded-content-page&utm_campaign=uk_nature_trailcam_2023-q4

“Obviously I’ve used trail cameras in the past, but the new ZEISS Secacams really make a difference. They are so simple and quick to set up as they have the batteries, SD card and sim card already installed. The picture quality is really vivid, particularly at night, and the fact I get notifications straight to my phone when there is activity means I get an immediate view of what is happening. They are a great way to discover the mysteries of the natural world.”

Nick Baker, ZEISS ambassador

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