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This week it's: Pink-footed Geese on the move

It is mid-November and you could be mistaken for thinking that all the UK's winter visitors are already here. But there are are, of course, still plenty of birds on the move. Over the weekend,you may have been lucky enough to see a slightly misplaced inland skein of Pink-footed Geese, re-orientating to find their traditional wintering grounds. These Arctic breeding geese have their largest UK  wintering concentrations in north Norfolk, Aberdeenshire and south-eastern Scotland  and around the Solway and Lancashire. But fly-overs could be anywhere! Listen for the 'wink wink' flight calls or ('oink oink' if you prefer); and look for a smallish, dark-necked, dark-headed, dark-billed goose, with greyish upperwings.

Typical V-shaped Pink-footed Geese skein

Typical V-shaped Pink-footed Geese skein

Adult Pink-footed Goose

Adult Pink-footed Goose

Images: Alamy

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