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October ISSUE

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What to look for, NOW!

Here, we highlight what to look for when you're out birding.

This week it is: Rock Pipit

Mid-October is the classic time to search for inland Rock Pipits. Though Rock Pipits are resident birds around our rocky coasts, they rarely wander inland. However, birds of the Scandinavian subspecies do find their way over here, especially, at this time of year. They naturally favour rocky shores, but concrete or similar boulders will do in their absence. Or you may encounter them flying over on a visible migration (‘vis mig’) watch. In which case, listen for the ‘feest’ call, as well as noting the larger size, longer wings and more robust bill, as well as the overall darker plumage. Birds on the deck are relatively plain backed with smudgy streaking compared to that of Meadow Pipits. They also have darker legs and (though this is subtle) less pure white outer tail feathers.

Rock Pipit

Rock Pipit

Images above by Alamy

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