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What to look for, NOW!

every week we'll highlight what to look for when you're out birding.

This week it's: Sand Martin

Yes, folks, the Sand Martins are already pouring into the country, a few weeks earlier than usual in many places. Sand Martins are our smallest hirundines (swallows and martins) and they are not tricky to identify (if seen well). They are sandy brown above and whitish below with a brown upper chest band. So, they lack the striking white rump of the House Martin and the long tail streamers of the Swallow. Listen for the soft buzzing call and search, especially near water, for the little aerial insect feeders whizzing about in typical martin fashion. Sand Martins nest colonially in burrows dug into banks or cliffs of compacted sand etc.

Sand Martin in flight from underneath. Note the brown breast band

Sand Martin in flight from underneath. Note the brown breast band

Sand Martins at the nesting colony

Sand Martins at the nesting colony

Image by Alamy

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