Global Birding Day, Saturday May 8th

Join 50,000 people across 160 countries to record birds

by Mark Cureton |
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This Saturday, May 8th, more than 50,000 people across 160 countries worldwide will be record birds on the biggest citizen science day ever.

Global Birding, in association with Cornell University’s eBird team, is running Global Big Day, and more than 100,000 bird lists will be added to eBird.

More than 7,000 species could be recorded in the day. Every species counts and adds to our knowledge of birds.

Tim Appleton, Founder of Global Birding, said: “It’s less than a year since I launched Global Birding and yet it has captured the hearts and inspired folks across the planet to join a community who care about and love birds. This Saturday will see over 130 Global Birding Teams from more than 70 countries enjoying their local environments and birds. It’s humbling to see countries whose political borders come tumbling down as they reach out to join our Birding community.”

The team list is remarkable – Russia, China, Iran, Egypt, Mongolia, Sudan, DR Congo, Libya, India, Azerbaijan, Argentina, Colombia, Nigeria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Brazil, Philippines, Lebanon, Bangladesh, Somaliland, Samoa, Venezuela, Indonesia, Tajikistan , Vanuatu, Palau, Guyana, Cape Verde, Taiwan, Mexico and Antarctica have all signed up to take part, to name but a few.

Swarovski Optik, with whom Global Birding also has a strong association, have helped team registration by providing a simple and effective method for teams to register via Global Birding. Swarovski Optik also provides a platform for those unable to get out birding to enjoy birds around the world with their amazing series of Birding Live on Location throughout the year.

Alongside our teams many individuals have registered with Global Birding representing over 120 Countries with more still being added by the hour.

With such a broad reach of countries Global Birding is working alongside World Migratory Bird Day which is happening on the same date as Global Big Day. WMBD is a United Nations initiative and the theme in 2021 is “Sing, Fly, Soar – Like a Bird “

The conservation project the Global Birding Community will be helping to raise funds for is BirdLife International's campaign to Stop Illegal Killing of Migratory Birds. All donations go directly to BirdLife via a Global Birding dedicated event JustGiving page. Any amount helps and all are welcome to help this crucial project and ensure a safer migration for birds across the globe.

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