Hawke Endurance 50MM


Field of view (@1000m): 58m-30m
Close focus: 2.5m
Eye relief: 16mm
Dimensions: 255mm x 77mm x 131mm
Weight: 714g
RRP: £330


A scope that you can safely stash in a coat pocket can be a vital piece of equipment if you’re birding abroad, but it’s of no use if it can’t do the job once you get there. So, can Hawke’s 50mm Endurance live up to the performance of the rest of the range?

The image produced by the 50mm objective is sharp and bright, with good colour reproduction. Field of view (30m@1000m at 36x) isn’t great, but it’s adequate for most situations. I detected impressively little colour fringing, even against direct sunlight.

The zoom control is quite narrow, but ridged for extra grip and travels easily, while there are dual focus wheels on top of the scope, with the ‘coarse’ focus a finger wide and the ‘fine’ focus a little smaller. Both were easy enough to use, and travelled smoothly but perhaps a little too freely, taking six full clockwise turns from close focus (2.5m or a little less) to infinity. Nevertheless, using both, focus was easy to find and maintain.

Scope portability


The Endurance 50mm, then, does a good all-round job, but what’s most impressive is the size. At 714g, it’s lighter than some binoculars, and fitted easily into the inside and main cargo pockets of my coat – it could save you some serious luggage space. Our photographer, Tom Bailey, also felt it would be an ideal scope for hillwalkers and other outdoor enthusiasts to stash in their rucksacks.

Scope eyecup

The eyecup is comfortable in extended use and offers a good 16mm of eye relief – it twists up and down and stays in place well when fully extended, but there aren’t any click-stopped intermediate positions.

Scope build quality

Build quality is generally excellent, with the main body well armoured (but light and compact), an extending lens hood, and a good stay-on carry case. The zoom eyepiece screws into place very securely. A rotating collar might have been a nice touch, too, though.

Hawke Endurance verdict

A good optical all-rounder, and it’s so light and compact you could even use it handheld at a pinch.