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Matt Merritt, Editor


September 2016 issue...

Learn how to take great bird photos with our special ‘bird photography’ 16-page guide, free inside the September issue of Bird Watching! We cover all you need to know – from the basic equipment you need to how to capture a lovely image of a bird in flight!

Elsewhere in the issue, we highlight how the UK’s Ospreys have bounced back from extinction and are now making a splash at various sites across the UK! We also reveal that Japan could offer the best winter birdwatching opportunities anywhere in the world and report on how our two lucky competition winners got on spending a day birdwatching with none other than Bill Oddie!

The colourful Egyptian Goose also goes under the spotlight as does the Aquatic Warbler, whose continental breeding future sadly hangs in the balance. And we join Urban Birder David Lindo on a birdwatching trip to Italy.

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