Roding Woodcock

One of the great experiences of early summer is a walk around a damp wood with extensive open areas, looking for Woodcock doing their dusk ‘roding’ display flight. They patrol just above tree height, alternating high-pitched ‘wizzik’ calls with soft bass croaking - which you can hear well at approximately 1:20 on the video below.

Starling roost at Fen Drayton Lakes

You'll really struggle to beat a massive Starling roost when it comes to birding spectacles in the UK. Some gatherings on the Somerset Levels can reach six million individual birds at their peak.

The flock in this video, shot at Fen Drayton Lakes just down the road from the Bird Watching office, contains a considerably more modest 3000 birds but filmed against the orange-hued sky of a late autumn night, it's beautiful nonetheless.