Dos and don'ts for feeding garden birds

Guide to feeding garden birds

Birdwatchers ion the UK spend more on feeding their garden birds than anyone else in the world. Read on for the golden rules of garden bird feeding and then read our PDF feature for even more information.

10 dos for feeding birds:

Pic: Tom Bailey

Pic: Tom Bailey

  1. Provide black sunflower seeds
  2. Keep your garden bird feeders clean
  3. Use sunflower hearts – the birds will love them!
  4. Buy bird feed from a reputable dealer
  5. Make sure any mealworms or insect food for birds are fresh
  6. Take the mesh balls off fat balls and cakes etc
  7. Put out raw pinhead oatmeal for birds
  8. Provide water for birds in your garden
  9. Don't stop – feeding birds is not just for winter
  10. Use coconut shell halves to attract tits

10 don'ts for feeding birds

  1. Don't use loose whole nuts
  2. Don't use a mixture containing coloured lumps as bird feed
  3. Don't be discouraged if nothing happens at first
  4. Don't put out soft animal fat for birds
  5. Don't use wheat and barley grain mixes as bird seed
  6. Don't forget to provide a range of feeder types
  7. Don't throw away unwanted windfall fruit – birds will love them
  8. Don't give milk to birds
  9. Don't provide salted or dry roasted peanuts when feeding birds
  10. Don't put out mouldy or stale food for birds

Download our feeding garden birds PDF here.