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 – the new BTX binocular spotting scope from SWAROVSKI OPTIK is revolutionising observation


SWAROVSKI OPTIK’s range of modular spotting scopes was expanded in March this year to include a new binocular version, the BTX. The BTX combines the benefits of a spotting scope and binoculars to completely revolutionise the viewing experience. This unique binocular system makes it possible to use both eyes so that the observer can overcome previous limitations and become one with their environment. 

Developing the BTX involved finding the right balance between top-quality binocular optics and creating a compact product, as well as also coming up with a design that was suitable for a modular range of spotting scopes while being ergonomic and comfortable to use.


The overall optical design of the BTX meets the high standards of SWAROVISION technology, which defines SWAROVSKI OPTIK’s understanding of optical quality. Field flattener lenses provide unprecedented sharpness right to the edge of the field of view, and fluoride-containing HD lenses reduce colour fringing to a minimum so that colour errors can be almost completely avoided. This results in maximum color fidelity and leads to a significant improvement in resolution and contrast.

At the heart of the BTX is the extremely sophisticated central prism system. Rays of light enter via the objective lens, and the prism system splits them into two beams before they leave through the two eyepieces and reach the eye.

The rays of light have to exit the beam splitter with high angle precision, meaning that only minimum angle tolerances are permitted per prism. Similarly, cementing is extremely important in order to ensure that the emitted beams achieve the parallelism required. 

It is not only the classic geometric beam observation that plays a role in the BTX but also the optimal splitting of the spectra and optical polarisation through the beam splitter. Traditional beam splitter coatings split the polarisation ratio in beams that pass straight through the beam splitter in a different way to those that are diffracted by 90°. This means that in certain conditions the image may be slightly different in the two channels, which may have a negative effect on the merging of the two images. To avoid this, a new beam splitter coating has been developed that works with a sophisticated quarter-wave plate to eliminate this effect.

The BTX binocular system reflects natural vision, making the image appear extraordinarily vivid. During the design phase, particular priority was placed on maximizing binocular viewing comfort so that the observer can relax as much as possible while enjoying the crystal-clear optics. As well as offering top optical quality, the BTX therefore also meets the highest standards of mechanical design. 

The eyepieces can be adjusted simultaneously to suit the pupil distance. In order to ensure the binocular alignment across the whole adjustment range, the mechanical connection has to be absolutely precise. The angled view also contributes to maximum comfort when observing for long periods. The new, freely adjustable forehead rest makes it easier to stay quiet and enjoy more relaxed viewing.

It can be fully retracted if required. An aiming aid is attached to the right eyepiece so that it is possible to take aim quickly, even at high magnifications. The observer only needs to glance up to speedily find the target, supported by the aiming dot.


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