What's this bird I saw in Norfolk?

Q. Could you identify this bird for me please? The photo was taken in Norfolk in June 2016.
Heather Bint, Gosport

A. This attractive little bird is either a Whitethroat or its smaller relative, the Lesser Whitethroat. While these two species can look noticeably different in guide books, in the field separating them can be a little more difficult, especially when viewing conditions aren’t perfect.

We’re plumping for the larger Whitethroat, based mainly on the warm brown tinge to this bird’s back and the length of the tail. We’d expect a Lesser Whitethroat to be a bit greyer, and the tail to be proportionately shorter than with this example. There is also that hint of a white eye ring, which fits better with Whitethroat than it does with Lesser Whitethroat.