Can i still buy flaked maize to feed birds?

Q. Please can you tell me why flaked maize as a straight food is unobtainable? This was a favourite of Blackbirds and Robins when I could obtain it and was used on a local farm in the 1950s and 60s.
P Williams, Abercarn

A. Well, the good news is that flaked maize is still available on its own rather than as part of a mix. Flaked maize apparently has the highest oil and energy content of all cereals, which would explain its popularity with Blackbirds and Robins, and is regularly used as feed for calves and lambs, as well as by home brewers to flavour beer!

We found a few suppliers on the internet, such as Maltby’s, selling in bulk quantities, but if you’d like to support local businesses, or buy smaller amounts, it could be worth your while visiting an animal feed supplier or home brew shop.