WIN a short birding break on a beautiful Orkney island

From 15th to 19th September, Papay Wildlife Club are running their ‘Be a better birder’ holiday on the idyllic four square miles that is Papa Westray. The holiday is designed to hone your identification skills, helped particularly by Julian Branscombe, who found Britain’s first Chestnut Bunting here last autumn. It is co-lead by Jonathan Ford, another birder and Papay Ranger, who will make sure you also have the chance to see the island’s outstanding archaeology. 

WIN a birding break on beautiful Orkney

WIN a birding break on beautiful Orkney

The prize – worth £990 – is all-inclusive for two, once you get to Papa Westray. Travel to Papa Westray is at your own expense. If you want to stay longer on Papa Westray or indulge in some island-hopping around Orkney while you are up here, Papay Wildlife Club will always be delighted to help you with your travel planning, making sure that your break with them forms part of the perfect Orkney holiday experience.

To find out more about this particular holiday or to see the rest of the PWC programme of breaks, visit their website here or follow Papay Wildlife Club holidays on Facebook.

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