New online resource for birding holidays

A new website launched by Blue Sky Wildlife offers birdwatching and wildlife enthusiasts a new way to search for worldwide ecotourism and wildlife tours.

Thirty-four established and award winning wildlife tour operators and companies are already listed on the site, covering 24 countries, which is anticipated to grow to more than 100 within the next six months.

The new website offers the flexibility to search for all kinds of holiday experiences, taking into account conservation, families, photography and trekking. Independent birders who prefer to work through their own personal species list can now search for the right tour operator by bird species name, directly from the keyword search area.

The birdwatching holidays and experiences include everything from photography workshops to a boat trip off the coast of Kaikoura admiring magnificent Wandering Albatross in New Zealand, and from a variety of rainforest adventures in Peru, Colombia or Jamaica to a 30-day mega bird watching tour in Uganda.

“We were inspired to launch this new website as we felt there was nothing like this for the birdwatching and wildlife industry, while seeking to elevate conservation as a selection criteria for birders without compromising on their overall wildlife experience,” said Chris Larsen, of Blue Sky Wildlife.

Blue Sky Wildlife, in association with Birdfair founder Tim Appleton MBE, has aimed to get the eco-tourism balance just right, committing to sustainable ecotourism and conservation. It is also recognised as a Birdlife Species Champion supporting the Birdlife International Preventing Extinctions programme.

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