Jocotours Ecuador

Jocotours Ecuador is an ecotourism tour operator specializing in birding, nature and photography vacations. Our tours are guided by passionate and experienced staff. With us you can experience the most breathtaking and biologically diverse places in Ecuador from the Tumbesian Ecoregion, the Andes, Foothills, Chocó region, the Pacific Coast, the vast Amazon and even the Galapagos Islands. We can also manage logistics to our reserves for tour companies and can create customized tours that suit the interest and time frame of our clients.

We manage 4 eco-lodges located in diverse habitats throughout Ecuador, some of which host bird species found nowhere else in the world. The lodges have all amenities (such as wifi, hot water and cozy private rooms). We are always aware that our visitors stay becomes an unforgettable experience in every aspect. Unlike corporate reserves or privately owned lodges,our lodges are located in reserves owned and operated by Jocotoco Conservation Foundation (who have been protecting and reforesting ecosystems in Ecuador for 20 years). The profits from your stay directly benefit conservation of the most threatened forests from the highlands to the coast, protecting thousands of bird and wildlife species in Ecuador.

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