CJ Wildlife is the UK’s leading specialist supplier of garden bird and wildlife products featuring food, feeders, habitats and care products. Their bird foods have been created by ornithologists using the highest quality ingredients available, to ensure your garden birds receive the greatest nutrition from their food when needed most and offer the best value for money bird food available. Continuous research and development with the needs of birds in mind, provides for a wide variety of premium, stylish feeders and nest boxes suitable for multiple locations, improving the experience for both birds and wildlife carers for years to come.     


Our Apollo ™ range of feeder help to make bird feeding even easier. The base, lid and ports are easily removed with our unique ‘Click & Go’ release system which allows you to dismantle the feeder in just 10 seconds! Straight forward to reassemble and fill your feeder without the use of tools. The unique ventilation system in the lid prevents condensation in the tube, helping to keep food fresh for longer. See the website for the full range.



The first specialist no-mess bird food launched in the UK, giving customers, and their birds, exactly what they need - a high quality, nutritious mix but without the waste and mess. We developed new ways to de-husk seeds commonly fed to garden birds, minimising waste, preventing weed growth, and in turn helping the birds – who can now save precious time and energy de-husking their food, because we do it for them!



Once you start exploring the nature in your garden, you may want to explore further afield or capture your memorable sightings through photography. We stock a variety of binoculars, cameras and equipment to help you take your hobby one step further. See our website for a range of products from cameras, binoculars, hides and more.



We ensure every recipe and ingredient used to create our unique range of seed mixes will not only keep birds flocking back to your garden for more, but that every beakful will be nutritious. Our Hi-Energy No Mess is the original no-mess food and still the best so accompany this with our Peanut Butter for Birds for a feast that will tempt a variety of birds to your garden.

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