Matt Merritt

In the course of trying to create a wildlife-friendly garden, I’ve again and again found our flower beds sprouting one or other plant that I can’t identify with my very limited knowledge.

That’s where Plantifier comes in. Free to download, you just need to create a log-in identity, and you can then start uploading pictures of any unidentified greenery that turns up in your garden. Other users tell you what the plant is (and can also add other useful information), and of course, as you get a little more expert, you can return the favour.

You usually get an (accurate) answer within 12 hours, so it’s invaluable in telling you what to dig out and what to leave.

Wild plants don’t always get such a good or quick response, but they’re worth trying. It’s thin on detail, but once you know what you’re looking at, you can research that yourself anyway.