App: Outdoors Great Britain

Matt Merritt

 If you’re a regular user of our Go Birding pages, a good mapping app complements the printed page very nicely, and this one from the Ordnance Survey is an excellent example.

While it’s free to download, you do have to buy maps within it to get full use of it – it cost me £9.99 for OS maps of the whole West Midlands, for example.

Once you have, though, you’ve got the comfort of knowing that you’ve got an accurate map even when you’re offline.

If you’ve got a decent data signal, you can also map your own routes as you walk them, which I found very handy when

trying to record precise sites at which I’d seen certain birds. Even without a signal, you can create your own routes on bought maps, too.

It doesn’t end up cheap, but it saves carrying paper maps, and it means you’re ready for any situation.