Birds and Machu Picchu

This 14 day Birds and Machu Picchu bird watching tour takes you to South Peru around the city of Cuzco and the Manu Andean foothills. This unique birding Peru tour offered by Green Tours focuses on high Andean habitats around Cuzco, including Polylepis woodlands, the montane humid forests of the Manu Andean foothills and a full day dedicated to visiting Machu Picchu. Green Tours has established themselves as one of the leading wildlife tour operators specialising in Peru birding watching tours and are based in Peru.

“We had a brilliant trip in Northern Peru with Wilson. Loads of superb wildlife sightings, good accommodation, good food & a well organised trip. The sites we visited were excellent and I would not hesitate to travel with Green Tours again, Wilson Diaz is a good leader and organised all the tour logistics spot on” (Steve Cale, 11th May 2016)

Green Tours offer unique Peru birding tours and the Birds and Machu Picchu birdincludes birdwatching at each of the following locations; Manu Biosphere, Abra Malaga, Amazonia lodge andCock-of-the-Rock lodge.  The top Peru bird species that can be seen during this bird watching tour include; Andean Cock-of-the-Rock, Inca Wren, Royal Cinclodes, Chestnut-fronted Macaw, Versicolored Barbet

Prices start from $USD4,740 per person (or approx. £ 3,459pp) and for more information contact Green Tours listed on Blue Sky Wildlife

Unique Hummingbird Tour

The 10 day Hummingbird Quest Photography Tour, is a unique Honduras Birding tour, created especially for photographers with a special interest in hummers. Beaks and Peaks exclusively focus on these tiny little creatures so you can make the best use of the time to find the best angle, the perfect light, that one stunning shot that might bring you fame or at least the great feeling of having seen an excellent picture of an even better bird. Beaks and Beaks has developed a unique hummingbird tour that will give you good chances of seeing over three quarters of Honduras’ 43 hummingbird species.

“From hiking through gorgeous forests, to meeting local guides, to being surrounded by dazzling hummingbirds while I ate my meals, this entire experience changed my life” (Sara Young, 24 May 2016). 

This unique Honduras birding tour includes full day birding at each of the following locations; La Tigra National Park, around Cerro de Hula, Rio Santiago Nature Resort, Santa Bárbara mountains and Cayos Cochinos.  The top 5 hummers that can be seen during the Hummingbird Quest Photography Tour include; Honduran Emerald, Black-crested Coquette, Slender Sheartail, Wine-throated Hummingbird and Green-breasted Mountaingem. Prices start from $USD3250 per person (or approx. £2,280 pp) and for more information contact Beak and Peaks listed on Blue Sky Wildlife