The Birds of Lancashire and North Merseyside

Eds Steve White, Barry McCarthy and Maurice Jones – Hobby Publications, 2008, ISBN 978-1-872839-11-0, HB

Produced by Lancashire and Cheshire Fauna Society, this is the third Lancashire avifauna ever produced. Given that the last was in 1953, it provides a welcome, much-needed update on the birdlife of one of the UK’s largest, and most ornithologically diverse, counties. As such, it’s pretty much a model of what such a book should be. There’s a brief history of birding in Lancashire, plus a short-round-up of the county’s birdwatching sites, and then a comprehensive, species by species look at the birds themselves, illustrated by 311 original photographs and 105 original line drawings, plus a host of maps, graphs and tables. If you’re a Lancashire birder yourself, it’s a must-have, but if you’ve got any kind of interest in birds, it’s a really fine example of what can be produced by many hours of voluntary fieldwork, research and writing.