Finnish Lapland (including Kuusamo)

Crossbill Guides, ISBN 978 90 501 1337 3

One of the latest field guides produced by the Crossbill Guides Foundation, a non-profit organisation that aims to promote public involvement with nature conservation. This is a beautifully produced guide that covers not only the birds that can be found in Finnish Lapland but descriptions of its flora, fauna and insect life. There are sections on the history and geology of the area and chapters to whet your appetite on the many and varied habitats there are to explore, including Boreal forests, fells and mountain heathlands, mires and bogs.

In the second half of the book, in the section called Practical Part, there are descriptions of 22 walking routes taking in some of the most interesting summer trails you can follow and what specialities can be found, all very clearly laid out and packed with useful information. In keeping with its ecotourism promotion, there is a section entitled Tourist Information & Observation Tips, which includes recommendations on how to act when visiting an area in order to reduce your impact on the natural world and local people.

Right at the back is a comprehensive species list for Finnish Lapland, with name translations into German and Dutch, so you can share findings with fellow visitors! In a compact 224 pages, this guide gives you a real picture of Finnish Lapland and enough information to ensure an enjoyable and bird rich trip.

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