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Matt Merritt, Editor


JUNE 2017 issue...

Attract more birds to your garden with our special ‘Creating a Bird Garden’ guide, which comes FREE with this issue of Bird Watching magazine. Don’t miss out on top advice and tips on how to create the perfect wildlife garden in all seasons.

Elsewhere in the issue, we reveal why certain birds may be rarer, or indeed more common, than you think, how the MoD is helping our wildlife, particularly the Stone-curlew, where to see great tern colonies and why the colourful Jay deserves more ‘contempt’ than it gets! The silent-flying Nightjar is featured in this issue too!

We also go birding in Wales and Leicester, test your ID skills with ‘seabird city’ birds and reveal all the rare birds seen on YOUR patch during March. Plus, Hawke’s new starter scope under review, your birding questions answered, 10 great walks where you can see lots of birds and the latest bird-related news.

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