Birding Lunch


What will you see on your lunchbreak?

How do you normally spend your lunch hour? Eating a sandwich at your desk? Queuing for a soggy jacket potato in the works canteen? Maybe you’re at home, watching Bargain Hunt…

However you spend your lunchtimes, we want to you join us in the second Birding Lunch.

From Monday 14 April to Sunday 20 April, we want you to spend at least one lunch hour birdwatching. Wherever you work, there will be great birds to be enjoyed. You might not realise the fantastic birds that are already on your doorstep.

Take a walk to a nearby park or river, invite your work colleagues – convert them to the simple pleasures of watching birds. Keep track of the birds you see and let us know all about it.

Download this free Birding Lunch poster and spread the word, by displaying it at your workplace, community centre, school or local shop. Just click and print!

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